Moura - Laser Cutting provides innovative laser cutting services in several areas, through constant investments in the latest technology in machines and CAD software combined with skilled technicians.
We extend our services and we perfect our skills, wich allows us to offer complete products to our customers, without having to subcontract any of the major processes.

Maximum cutting thickness:
Laser cutting - up to 25 mm carbon steel and stainless steel 14 mm - 4000 mm x 2000 mm.
CNC bending - 4, 5 and 6 axis - maximum curve length = 4000 mm - maximum tonnage = 320 ton.
Welding and assembly - complete assembly - MIG, TIG and ARC.
Metal Sheet and structural fabrication.
Any other required services are subcontracted to reputable companies with whom we have working arrangements.

In order to ensure quality, we do everything possible so that our customers have the best experience possible and receive the product with the expected quality.