O Futuro do corte a laser chegou a Portugal

The Future of laser cutting has arrived to Portugal

Innovation, precision and quality are the three main features of the new Moura - Laser Cutting service.

Born within "Ventilations Moura, Lda." a distinct company with a successful track record with 40 years, Moura - Laser Cutting provides a complete service to its customers in the automotive industry, furniture, construction, engineering and transport, just to name a few.

Thanks to modern technology, this new company is able to cut all types of material, such as iron, aluminum (up to 10 mm), stainless steel (up to 14 mm), carbon steel (up to 25mm), brass (up to 6 mm) or copper (up to 6 millimeters). The versatility of this company allows it to also put at the service of its clients engraving options and high-precision cutting, at the lowest cost.

This service is only possible due to the continuous investment in the latest technology in machinery, computer programs and qualified technicians. By gathering all these ingredients and associating them with the prestige and market knowledge of Ventilations Moura, currently present in more than 10 countries, from Europe to Latin America - Laser Cutting ensures a quick service response at the lowest cost, with the quality that that signature implies.

The wide range of services that Moura - Laser Cutting provides also includes CNC bending or welding, because "it is of utmost importance to deliver quality work to our clients at the right time and with the reasonable price."